6 Signs Your Life Is Going Down the Sh*tter

lifedownsh*ttergraphicMaybe things aren’t that bad, but maybe they are.

Here are six signs you should look for to see if you’re going down the drain on the next flush:

    1. You remember hearing someone say, “You have the right to remain silent,” but you don’t remember how you got those bruises.
    2.  Your doctor is using phrases like “milky discharge” and “test results” a lot more these days.
    3.  Your significant other has told you that he/she “needs more time” to: a) think about things b)  to adjust c) string you along with false hope for a few more years.
    4.  The return address for a lot of your mail starts off with, “from the law offices of… .”
    5.  The tow truck driver in your neighborhood knows you by name.
    6. You’re watching a movie starring Kate Hudson.

Don’t worry though. The greatest thing about your life sucking these days is that you’ll have a lot of company. Losing is the new winning.


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