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Funny Valentines Sh*t

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Embittered by your current relationship? Sickeningly happy? Then this funny Valentine shi*t is perfect for you. Let Chris Rock tell you how to know if you’re really in love. Enjoy Maria Bamford’s online dating profile advice. Learn what bacon does for Valentines day. And guess what single girl? You […]

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6 Signs Your Life Is Going Down the Sh*tter

Maybe things aren’t that bad, but maybe they are. Here are six signs you should look for to see if you’re going down the drain on the next flush: You remember hearing someone say, “You have the right to remain silent,” but you don’t remember how you got those bruises.  Your doctor is using phrases […]

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Matt Damon Gives A Crap by Striking Against Using the Toilet

Yes, it’s his real hair, but the toilet strike may not be as real. The cause is, however, and perhaps his comment that “Reports are dicks,” is too. But why not give a crap about clean drinking water for all? You can’t be anti-toilet. Click here.

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Welcome to Crapist! We’ve got the good sh*t.

Welcome to the Crapist. (pronounced cray-pist. We be classy and shit.) If you’re tired of wading through all the crap on the Internet and just want the good stuff, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll get the no bull story on what’s  good and what stinks as far as: Movies Television Shows News Games […]

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